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Concept development

Conceptualization is a necessary step in the process of developing a product. It begins with a survey of the market in search of similar products and competition, and the identification of the characteristics of our target audience. It is important to understand the reasons for creating another product, the innovation it may bring to the world, and the needs it addresses. These concerns make up the foundation of our work by defining the requirements that the product must meet. The entire process of design and development will be guided by this research. A functional definition of the product, a scenario of how it will be used and a visual representation all join together to ensure the development of a concept that fits the vision.

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Studio services - Planning

Planning and Design

Planning and design proceed hand in hand, step by step, in a process involving the client at every stage.

  • Two dimensional sketches that show various possible solutions
  • A three dimensional, small scale mockup
  • Prototype: sample of the chosen version using the appropriate materials and technology
  • Assessment of the result according to client requirements
  • Adjustments and finishing.
  • Consideration of aesthetics, and its compatibility with the desired image.

Sound planning ensures a user-friendly experience, where needs are fulfilled in the form of a product with inherent added value.


Constructing the Model 1:1
Using the relevant materials and technologies for the specific product.
Construction of a model for use in fund-raising or a few samples for testing purposes.
The Studio has a workshop with all the tools needed to produce a three-D model: Sewing machines, cutting machines, tools for constructing molds, cold forming machines, a variety of soft materials and access to hard materials.
On a personal level, I am very focused, dedicated, thorough and precise.

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