For infants

These products are the result of personal experience; each of my four children brought a special blessing, sometimes defining a necessity that became the mother of a specific invention.


Nursing Pillow

The birth of my eldest resulted in an ongoing search for cushions that would ease the body of a new mother. Since I found nothing suitable on the market to support my back, I decided to take on the challenge of designing a pillow that would cradle a nursing mother, on the assumption that a rested and calm mother would be able to give her best to her child.


Nursing Nest

The need for “a substitute” that can hold and comfort an infant for a moment, giving the mother time to catch her breath, gave birth to the Nursing Nest – a pillow for the first months of an infant’s life, which holds, cradles and supports the baby.


Developmental Toys

Developmental toys for babies are a special challenge for me as they involve many interrelated subtle needs which have to be addressed.
Infants come into the world with all their senses ready to operate. The correct stimulus, at the appropriate time can enhance perception and comprehension and also act as an incentive to movement.
It is important to have the correct measure of stimuli and take care not to overload different textures, graphic motives and functions. The design should elicit responses that are within the range of the developing baby’s capabilities. And since these capabilities are ever expanding, it is important to develop a product that fits the range of capabilities at the relevant age.
No less important – to devote thought to the adult caring for the infant, who will be the intermediary between the baby and the product.

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Nursing Nest
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