About Nima
אודות נימה

My name is Nima. I graduated from Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art with a degree in Textile Design, and from Concept College with a degree in Industrial Design.
I have been designing products made of soft materials for twenty years.
My concern with the ergonomic, functional and aesthetic aspects of design has enriched my work and enabled me to deal with many different challenges. The experience and knowledge I have acquired has given me a multi-faceted and inter-disciplinary approach to design. My deep appreciation of the character of various materials and a range of technologies allows me to design and develop unique user friendly products with inherent added value.
My love of people and concern with their needs has led me to dedicate thought and work to integrating materials and functions that come in contact with the human body. My main interest is the fluid interface between the human body and a wide range of soft materials – from textiles to various of silicones, elastic sheets, knitted and woven fabric enabling and enhancing fluid and flexible movement.
For me, the process of creating a product is akin to creating a world, making something where before, there was nothing.