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Constructing the Model 1:1
Using the relevant materials and technologies for the specific product.
Construction of a model for use
in fund-raising or a few samples for testing purposes.

Planning and design proceed hand in hand, step by step, in a process involving the client at every stage.  Sound planning ensures a user-friendly experience, where needs are fulfilled in the form of a product with inherent added value.

Conceptualization is a necessary step in the process of developing a product.  It begins with a survey of the market in search of similar products and competition, and the identification of the characteristics of our target audience.


These products are the result of personal experience;
each of my four children brought a special blessing, sometimes defining a necessity that became the mother of a specific invention.

The Studio recently launched the Soft Light Sculpture Collection. Soft light sculpture is the result of a collaboration between Art-Textile Design and Product Design. The lighting fixtures combine two different qualities.

As a drama major in high school, I realize that even an actor often needs a mask. The visual aspect in the theatre ranges from minimalism regarding costumes and scenery, to theatre that copies, or attempts to create a reality.

I collect boxes, out of an affinity for any and all kinds of containers, and a soft spot for collecting. The idea that in the future they may be useful for something..

My creations are not only a language, but a way of life. I dive deep into the axis of time – to traditional crafts, and then integrate key elements with modern technology.

Conceptual design comes from my need to make a statement,
with no immediate connection to any future commercial product.

About Nima

About Nima Asher

My name is Nima. I graduated from Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art with a degree in Textile Design, and from Concept College with a degree in Industrial Design.

I have been designing products made of soft materials for eighteen years.
My concern with the ergonomic, functional and aesthetic aspects of design has enriched my work and enabled me to deal with many different challenges. The experience and knowledge I have acquired has given me a multi-faceted and inter-disciplinary approach to design.

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