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Nursing Nest

MOM’s Nursing Nest provides peace of mind for both baby and parents by swaddling the baby’s arms and legs, bringing comfort, tranquility and helps in achieving good muscles tone.
MOM’s Nursing Nest is intended for the first months of a baby’s life. It helps strengthening the sensory-motor system and decreases the frequency of Moro reflex.
MOM’s Nursing Nest provides a new womb-like surrounding. It adapts to the physiological position of your baby’s body and enables appropriate development in modern living conditions. The baby settles into the pillow which cradles and supports him/he while playing, napping or nursing.
The cover is made of two different fabrics: drill at the bottom and in the outer circle and stretch knitted fabric at the center. The inner cover is made of stretch fabric.
The filler : foamed polystyrene micro pearls & plastic pearls


Enzo Di Castro


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